Step by Step Instructions on How to use the Jamaican Stone Effectively

The All Natural Herbal Long Lasting Solution For Men

The Jamaican Stone is easy and simple to apply. Because of its unique small size it can be concealed and used anytime and anywhere. Men can achieve the ability to delaying ejaculation within a few minutes of applying the the jamaican black stone and go on to sexually perform with confidence. Below are step by step instructions on how to effectively use the Jamaican Stone to ensure you enjoy hours of long lasting erections.

Follow the instructions to benefit from the most powerful male delaying solution against premature ejaculation. Jamaican Black Stone slightly numbs the applied area of the penis, delaying the time taken to ejaculate.

Simple Directions For Jamaican Black Stone

  • Use a small piece of the Jamaican Stone

    Place a small piece of the Jamaican Stone in the palm of your hand

    Wet finger tips with water and rub on to the Jamaican Stone until a residue forms on the stone.

  • Apply Jamaican Stone Residue

    Apply a Small Amount of the residue

    Apply the residue to the head of the penis. Do Not apply to the opening of the penis head. Wait at least 5-10 minutes for residue to take effect, a tingling sensation should occur if applied correctly.

  • Wait 5 Minutes and Wash Jamaican Stone off

    Wait a least 3-5 minutes

    After a few minutes wash off any remaining residue and wash fingertips and hands thoroughly.

For best results apply a small amount to the penis and start slowly, before applying with more. Jamaican Stone is the Ultimate Delaying Solution for Men that combats premature ejaculation and allows you to keep lasting longer whenever you choose. Always read the instructions supplied with the Jamaican Stone and Keep out reach of minors. Any questions concerning the Jamaican Stone please do not hesitate to contact us